Thursday, May 25, 2017
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About the Author

"Fightey-Town" is a book by American author and humorist Patrick Davis.

Davis, a former boxer, wrestler and humor writer, was encouraged by his younger sister to
write a book about his"career" as an unpaid street fighter and vigilante. The resulting
'auto-fight-ography' has been described by readers as "the funniest book I have ever read,"
and a book "I read cover-to-cover in one sitting and immediately began reading again."

The book spans the four decades of Patrick's up and down existence as a skirt-chasing
beach bum, carpenter, teacher, semi-pro basketball player, day laborer, male model
and professional writer... all seen through the bizarre and unrewarding prism of Patrick's
fistfights. He fights in jail, on a basketball court, at coffee shops, on planes, on trains,
at the community pool, at work, outside bars, inside Ralph's and outside MacDonalds.

He fights for and with the homeless. He fights with bullies, rapists, evil landlords, horrible bosses, wife beaters, street gang members, co-workers, and friends. Each chapter is a well-crafted short story that either hilarious, compelling or grim...usually all three.

Fans of the book include Washington Post writer Tony Knott, actors Mark Valley, Galen Gering and Orson Bean, authors Merle Ginsburg and John Gilbert, billionaire environmentalist David de Rothschild, Simpsons director Davis Silverman and documentary film maker Kerry Candaele.

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